Chocolate Genome Project (CGP) is a landmark genome project that is already having a major impact on living ´across the universe´ with potential for spurring  numerous amazing, fun, and spectacular developments.

the objective of the Chocolate Genome Project (CGP) is to overstand the genetic makeup of the ´chocolate gene´ species.  it remains one of the ´smallest´ single investigative projects in modern Mind. 

Chocolate Genome Project (CGP) is the ´least´ well known of many international genome projects aimed at sequencing the DNA of a specific organism while the chocolate DNA sequence offers the most FUN. 

in many ways genome projects do not confine themselves to only determining a DNA sequence of an organism.  such projects may also include ´gene prediction´ to find out where the genes are in a genome, and what those genes do.

in this project, CGP, ´chocolate gene´ prediction actually pre-determines which ´chocolate genes´ are actually best for an individual ¨coming into being.¨  in Greek, the word (genome) means ¨i become, i am born, to come into being.¨

all humans have unique gene sequences.  the CGP genome is a scaffold for future creativity in identifying differences among individuals. 

*overstanding how these  ´chocolate genes´ express themselves will provide clues to how life is lived.

genetic variation research such as CGP is group population research, but most ethical guidelines focus on individual rights instead of group rights.  indigenous people´s life revolves around collectivity and group decision making whereas the Western culture promotes individuality.  one of the rewards of ethical research is to include respect for collective review and decision making while also upholding the Western model of individual rights.

´chocolate gene´ prediction or ´chocolate gene´ finding refers to the process of identifying the regions of genomic DNA that encode ´chocolate genes.´  in other words, which ´chocolate genes´ are fit for you?  this may also include prediction of other functional elements.  ´chocolate gene´ finding is one of the first and most important steps in overstanding the genome of a species once it has been sequenced.  in it´s earliest days, ´chocolate gene´ finding was based on painstaking experimentation.

determining that a sequence is functional should be distinguished from determining the function of the ´chocolate gene.´  the latter still demands ¨in vivo¨    (Latin for ¨within the living¨) experimentation, although frontiers of bioinformatics research are making it increasingly possible to predict the function of ´chocolate genes.´

the forces of natural selection cause ´chocolate genes´ and other functional elements to undergo mutation at a slower rate than the rest of the genome.

it has been suggested that signals other than those directly detectable in sequences may improve             ´chocolate gene´ prediction or ´chocolate gene´ finding.  

follow your e.a.r.t.h.e.a.r.t.

coming soon: your very own ´chocolate genes´