please...make no mistake about it!

our campaign for radical clarity, radical honesty, & radical transparency

all 'green coupon' contributions to e.a.r.t.h.e.a.r.t. benefit Warmi Pacha & Pineapple Head directly.  
these 'green coupon' contributions are to pay for the cost of
natural vegan food (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, & spices)
natural medicine supplies (crystals, herbs, homeopathic & naturopathic remedies)
sleeping (shelter), transportation (buses, taxis)
creative living expenses (art supplies, guitar strings, & natural material for making our own clothing designs)
AND for all things Chiwila Kuyay (Pineapple Love). this includes...
Chiwila Kuyay (cacao tableta) & Chiwila Kuyay Raymi (un ritual de cacao).
´green coupon´ contributions also make possible the recorded & live music of Pineapple Head.

we are "not" living on a yacht (as of yet). neither are we helicoptering to your yacht awaiting our arrival to a clandestine, secret meeting location in the middle of the ocean (like those of the elite). in fact, our total monthly expenses amount to somewhere between $840-$920 month. our total yearly expenses amount to somewhere between $10,080-$11,040 year. the fluctuations in the numbers are as a result of our differing sleeping costs (shelter). we have experienced everything from "free" rent to $350 month. these monthly & yearly totals are "not" for each of us but for both of us combined (2 people).
*all $50 ´green coupon´ contributions receive a Chiwila Kuyay (cacao tableta) delivered to your door.

furthermore, as part of our service & dharma (right livelihood)
these same 'green coupon' contributions are to benefit those around us,
especially the children and those open to childlike ways.
considering the world we live in (at large) and how it chooses to function,
it is the sole responsibilty of these 'green coupon' contributions that makes all of what e.a.r.t.h.e.a.r.t. is, do, & be, real.
without these 'green coupon' contributions, Warmi Pacha & Pineapple Head inevitably
end up on the street with all their stuff and only $5 (that belongs to someone else) to their name.
we're not complaining. we're telling the truth. we're not victims. we're participants.

everyone has to make a living somehow, someway.
we are choosing to make a living of being ourselves.
last, but not least, we are highly encouraging you to do & be the same as well.
please, by all the world & yourself a great favor;
be that (and only that) which you are supposed to be.
afterall, this is the greatest contribution you can make to yourself & this world.
thank you. Warmi Pacha & Pineapple Head