a.c.t.i.o.n. reigns s.u.p.r.e.m.e.

we are pleased to announce & inform that we are no longer accepting monetary donations or financial assistance.   as we are greatly appreciative of those who chose to donate to us in the past, we will always remember your generosity of heart.  however, we have come to learn that asking for donations is, in the end, another form of begging and just another form of debt slavery. 

as the saying goes, “no good deed goes unpunished”

ironically, we have also come to an inner/overstanding that donations create a disconnect in those doing the donating (donors) from the actual material substance at hand (the cause); in other words, a secret separation takes place from whatever dire circumstances happen to present themselves in any given moment (the cause).  we have come to realize that many donors are in a position to just throw money “at” a situation, but yet, they remain detached or other than available to offer emotional support or engage in actual change.  we have found negative human worship to be the driving force behind most donations.  also, in many cases, the donations come with unwarranted judgment attached regarding (the cause).  we are now choosing to cut this “ugly head” off, at the source, once & for all, for the well-being of all parties involved.

“no one is winning if the whole world is losing”

what the world needs now is “not” more money, but, more emotional support & actual change.  money, as a means to deflect real, personal interaction with an actual cause is no substitute.  in fact, money keeps donors blind to their own denial and unable to take real action.  the problem remains someone else’s problem, in the mind of the donor.  when, in fact, the problem is everyone’s problem.  growing forward, we are no longer choosing to harbor emotional ineptitude or enable this type of non-responsive behavior.

“there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”

in the end, our choice “to do” the things we do is our choice.  it is not dependent on donations from others outside of ourselves.  our choice “to be” who we are is our choice as well.  it is not dependent on donations from others outside of ourselves.  quite frankly, we consider our dependence on donations from others outside of ourselves to be an act lacking in radical, personal, self-sufficiency and self-responsibility.  to continue our self-imposed dependence, at this point, would be unfair to those others that we share the plan e.t. earth with.

like van Gogh, Picasso, DaVinci, Dali, etc…all great artists do art for art’s sake.  not to make money!  if money is made, then that is inadvertently, a supplemental by-product of the creative process.   

we choose to share in this same space.  in fact, we choose to live our life like a work of art.  we choose to create for the sole sake of creating.  just as no one needs to die in order to see the sunset, it costs us absolutely nothing to use our creative imagination to write a song or paint a picture.

even though money ‘remains’ a necessity in today’s world; it is other than correct on our part, to expect the outside world to pay for our choice to live our lives as true art.                                         

the financial responsibility & burden for doing so is all our own and ours alone.

with reverence,

     Warmi Pacha & Pineapple Head