Chiwila Kuyay (cacao tableta / cacao tablita) 

100% ecuatoriano

100% pasta de cacao puro

auténtico artesanal indígena

hecho en casa

*available for you & your friends to enjoy

                                    $37.50 un kilo (2.2lbs)                             

$  5.00 1/10th kilo

if you are interested in Chiwila Kuyay (cacao tableta / cacao tablita),
                                                          please contact:

la familia de Chiwila Kuyay

la familia de Chiwila Kuyay 

Chiwila Kuyay CacaoCraft

1. we CacaoCraft with wild, rain-forested cacao for discerning chefs, craft cafés, master chocolatiers, cocoa-loving gourmands, self-lovers & awakened persona.

2. we forage respectfully and sustainably with the seasons, unique medicinal cacao of the rainforest.  only forage what we need, ask first, leave something in return (seed) and leave the patch as though no one ever harvested there.  respect & gratitude for our ancient cacao spirit allies.

3. we cultivate local growing relationships in partnership with one small family-owned farmer to serve chocolate lovers the finest cacao for quality, taste, aroma, standards and freshness; local grown herbal cacao.

4. we are the source of the finest cacao from one trusted small family-owned farmer, grown in harmony with nature, chemical free, livicated to quality, craftsmanship, ethical standards (slave trade free / fair trade) and amazing taste.  we ensure economic justice as we source directly and at a fair price from one small family-owned grower that do not rely on hired or illegal forced labour.  our sole fair trade producer receives a minimum guaranteed price that covers real production costs, regardless of how low world market prices fall; protecting them against financial insecurity.

5. we never degrade our cacao with artificial or natural flavourings that mimick and trick the senses into believing that chemical fairy tales are true.  we do not support the ever expanding multi-billion dollar flavouring industry.

6. we forage, grow in harmony with nature, gather the finest 'shade-grown' cacao from 'sustainable' rainforest that is whole and never require chemical additions to enhance, mask or confuse your delicate discerning senses.

7. infuse every part of your life with our environmentally-friendly cacao.  ferment, brew, bake, simmer, glaze, sprinkle, celebrate, create, invent and play with your cacao.

8. sip reverently, be present and remember to leave space for additional creativity in each cup.

9. we trust ourselves, always follow our heart and revere inner guidance for cultivating, sowing, growing, harvesting, foraging with respect for biodiversity.

10. create your own cacao ritual and enjoy sipping your cacao slowly by "inmersing" and unfurling into the present moment with all your creative senses to this artistic gift of the magical cacao bean.

11. know your CacaoCrafter.

12. life is too short to support imposters.

13. we l.o.v.e. CacaoCrafting and sharing this ancient art with chocolate lovers everywhere.

Chiwila Kuyay CacaoCrafters